November 2018 Pastor's Corner

November is usually the time of year when Broadmeadow emphasizes stewardship. This year is no different. I'm aware, as always, that stewardship is not the topic that gets most of you super excited. 
But, I want our focus to be a little different this year. We're going to hone in on what it means to give in love. 
"Love" is an overused word. And its overuse leads to its watering down. But, when Scripture talks about love, it's not just talking about a nice feeling toward someone or something. To love someone means to take drastic action to do good for them. It means living sacrificially so that your neighbors, strangers, and even your enemies have what they need to live abundantly. It means forming communities that work for the betterment of everyone.
So, all this month, we'll be talking about Gifts of Love. And, yes, I hope by the end you'll make a commitment to support Broadmeadow through the coming year, not just with your money, but with your actions, faithfulness, and love.