"Covenant" Lenten Sermon Series

Most of us have experienced signing some kind of contract or legal document. If you want to borrow money, buy a car, or rent an apartment, you have to sign on the dotted line. Contracts are built on distrust; on protecting ourselves in the event that the other party doesn't hold up their end of the bargain. Yet, healthy human relationships are built on trust, and we can only trust when we make ourselves vulnerable. The deepest and most eternal trust that undergirds our souls comes from a relationship with God, who has given all to be with us and keeps not only God's promises, but ours as well, in an unbreakable love known as "covenant."

You're invited to join us this Lenten season as we discuss trusting in God's everlasting covenant with us!


Pastor's Corner for January 2018

Jan. 1 annually brings with it the hope that things are going to be different this year. 
This is the year I'll get in shape. This is the year I'll quit smoking. This is the year I'll read more and watch TV less.
We make resolutions and promises. Unfortunately, most of those resolutions fall by the wayside pretty quickly. By the time February rolls around, we find that the new year seems pretty much just like the old one.
We shouldn't be surprised. Change doesn't happen accidentally. It doesn't happen without intention.
Wanting to be in shape doesn't happen if you don't get a gym membership, grab a partner, and go ever every day. You'll never quit your bad habit if you keep spending your money on it. You'll never read more if you keep turning the television on as soon as you get home.
But, the beauty of the New Year is, just like God's grace, it keeps coming around. We have chance after chance to make a change...to work toward something better. And we have yet another chance to be intentional about it.
What new thing is God calling you to this year? What new thing is God calling Broadmeadow to this year?
More importantly, what are you willing to do to make this new thing a reality?

Pastor's Corner for December 2017

Nobody's really likes Advent. 
See, Advent is all about waiting. And, seriously, who likes waiting?
Sure, we like the things we're waiting for. In this case, we love Christmas. We love the lights, the presents, the carols. But, waiting for those things? Blah.
So, most of us just don't. We skip right to Christmas. We start singing "Joy to the World" as soon as Thanksgiving's over (or, maybe Halloween). 
But, Advent is important for the very reason we'd rather not deal with it. Advent makes us slow down in a season that tempts us to run at full speed. Advent invites us to notice things we would rush right by.
Look, I'm not going to try to tell anyone not to listen to Christmas music until December 24. It's already playing around my house. But, I do hope that you pause. I hope that you breathe. I hope that you take a moment to notice God in the busyness of the season.

One thing I hope all of you do is bring one new person to church with you this month. Just one. It can be a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or a complete stranger. Invite them to slow down for just a moment and join you in the expectation and excitement of Advent.

Enemies of Gratitude

In October, we'll be calling out the things that keep us from being truly grateful. In each sermon, we'll see how a misplaced focus - on how things could be or used to be better, how we're not getting what we think we deserve, or simply how life's struggles are keeping us down - prevents us from seeing all the blessings that are right in front of us. You're invited to join us each Sunday as we discuss the "Enemies of Gratitude".

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