Broadmeadow United Methodist Church

About Us

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Organized in 1949, Broadmeadow literally came to life as the neighborhood was born. As soldiers returned home from World War II, they built homes in this G.I. subdivision and planted deep roots in a new area of the Capitol City. Broadmeadow United Methodist Church grew steadily in the post-war years and by 1955 the sanctuary, church offices, and education buildings were completed to house the burgeoning congregation and its ministries.

The list of those whose lives have been touched at this church is enormous. During its brief history, BUMC has sent over 20 people into ordained ministry. Outreach and mission have long been a focus as members have continually taken part in local projects to help those in need. We are also pleased to have been a part of developing the First United Methodist Church of Moscow in Russia, while also assisting in the establishment of the School of Health-Related Sciences at Africa University in Zimbabwe.

Like any church, Broadmeadow has seen its share of change. The church has experienced membership highs and lows, but in recent years Broadmeadow has grown steadily as the members chose to embrace its increasingly eclectic Fondren neighborhood. While some churches in diverse neighborhoods move to an area that is more homogenous or either close its doors altogether, Broadmeadow enthusiastically says, “Come on In.” No matter one’s race, no matter one’s physical ability, no matter one’s sexual orientation, no matter one’s socio-economic status, no matter one’s age, this church embraces the myriad of lives and stories who continue to give this church life and extend Christ’s light into the community.


Broadmeadow combines a traditional atmosphere with progressive ideas. We strive to be a diverse church that is welcoming to all. We serve one another, our community, and the world, through our worship and our missions. We are real people with real questions and acknowledge that we don't have all the answers, but we believe our faith grows out of authentic relationships and honest conversations. We seek to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.



James E. Swanson, Resident Bishop

Rev. Dr. Stephen Cook, District Superintendent

Rev. Lance Presley, Senior Pastor

Barbara Hutchinson, Office Administrator

Chuck Reynolds, Director of Music

Scott Sexton, Accompanist

Tammie McGruder, Director, Privette School


The worship of God is the central and most important activity that takes place at Broadmeadow each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Through worship, we receive hope and peace while we also expect to be inspired for service to the world.

Our Sunday services are traditional in order, but contain some contemporary elements - music and liturgy—woven throughout to help make worship fresh and vital. One only need bring him or herself to worship.